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5 Paragraph Summer Course Offered Upon Signing Up for S2W's Full Homeschool Program

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Overview of Our Learning Platform:

What Grade Levels is the Program Intended For?

The Program is Differentiated for Students in Grades 3-12:

Our courses are best suited to meet the needs of students in grades 3-9, needing to build a foundation and advance in their reading comprehension and writing composition. However, S2W would also help students in grades 10-12 who need assistance in writing organization and general composition.

What's Included in the S2W Learning Platform?

  1. Short Video Lessons: Our instructional videos can be paused, rewinded and rewatched as many times as needed in order for students to learn and grow from the instruction we provide in these essential totorials.

  2. Reference Sheets/Writing Examples: We offer numerous reference sheets that break down essential components of what should be included in the specific types of writing. We also offer highlighted and unhilighted examples.

  3. Differentiated Wrtiting Templates: Students are able to access our beginner and advancing writing templates as they grow as readers and writers with Strive2Write. Students learn to use the red font as a guide, change it to black, and eventually become independent in the organization and structure of their writing.

Will My Kids Like Strive2Write?

YES! We do our best to make the learning experience fun and meaningful with Strive2Write. Therefore, there are several options for how students can engage in artistic and creative projects and connect their learning to real life experiences and/or what personally interests them.

Best Deal!

FULL Summer Course!

This course includes all 3 of Strive2Write's in-depth units (Storytelling, 5 Paragraph Writing and Creative Projects & Poetry). This is the best deal for keeping your child (children) actively engaged in reading and writing this summer, fully preparing them to hit the ground running (and ahead!) in September.

You will love having access to the numerous resources and our customizable templates, including several options for creative projects.

Read & Write Narratives

This course is designed as an introductory to those wanting to learn the basics of storytelling.

Students will be excited to learn the essential components included in a plotline by developing plot maps, writing about their reading, using a S2W writing template as a guide (if needed) and composing their own stories based on personal experiences they have had (Personal Narratives).

Multiple Writing Styles

This 5 paragraph writing course option offers students tips and tricks for learning to organize their writing into five paragraphs, finally making it feel easy!

With guidance from our instructional videos and writing templates, students will learn to brainstorm ideas for their writing, as well as plan and compose a 5 paragraph writing piece for a friendly letter, reflection, persuasive essay and research paper.

Including Google Slides

This course is a great option for students who love to be creative.

Students who engage in this course will become inspired to write poetry, develop storyboards for planning or illustrating a story, become tech savvy in designing Google Slide presentations or may even embrace the beauty of watercolor painting and/or drawing regularly. 

Level One Creative Writing & Grammar Essentials Coming Soon!

Strive2Write Services Offered With Products

Please email us directly if you are interested in scheduling writing tutoring for your child or having your learner join a weekly student "sharing session" as an opportunity to connect with others.

Full Homeschool Reading and Writing Curriculum!

  • Strive2Write will be offering a FULL Online Homeschool Curriculum for the 2023/24 school year!

  • S2W will have lessons that can be followed for students in grades 3-12

  • Join NOW as this is just the beginning of the future of Strive2Write!

  • S2W Offers "Open Hours" for Collaboration/Group Tutoring Sessions