Where Students Read to Learn and Strive to Write

  • Narrative

  • Persuasive/Argument

  • ALL Informational Text Structures (sequence of events, cause and effect, compare and contrast etc.)

  • Poetry (patterns in rhyme patterns etc.)

  • Research

  • Basic Reflections

  • Emails

  • Letters (Friendly & Business)

The first step in becoming a strong writer is to learn how to organize writing into paragraphs. If students do not have the foundation for organizing their writing, the rest of the writing process can feel overwhelming.

Strive2Write offers students techniques for organizing writing in many different forms. We teach students how to create their own writing plans for specific forms of writing on paper first, and then go directly to the document.

We walk students through every single step of the writing process, right down to where the tab key is on the keyboard (for beginners)

Students will apply the strategies we teach throughout our courses to all purposes of writing they compose for a lifetime.

We teach strategies for composing writing in the following forms: