Where Students Read to Learn and Strive to Write

The Strive2Write Curriculum Consists of "Master Resources," available at the beginning of the 2023/24 school year, in addition to the "Core Units," outlined based on the timeline of trimesters below.

Core Units Are Broken Down Into 3 Levels

Students Go through 3 Phases within Each Level

Video Walk Through of S2W Curriculum

Recommended to follow along by viewing the, "Scope and Sequence" in a new tab or Print a Copy

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Trimester 1 Units Listed Below

September 2023- End of November 2023

Trimester 2 Units Listed Below

Beginning of December 2023- End of February 2024

Trimester 3 Units Listed Below

Beginning of March 2024- Mid Jun 2024

Summer Bundle

Available for all Members June 15, 2023