Where Students Read to Learn and Strive to Write

February 5-March 1, 2023

The Poetry course is designed to inspire the poet that lies within your student.

Students will read several types of poems and write poetry in all different forms. The reading and writing connection will be implemented in all poetry lessons.

Students will become comfortable with poetry terminology, be able to decompose a poem and identify a theme or mood, learn strategies for rhyming, and be excited to share some of the amazing poems that they write themselves!

# of Lessons in the Full Homeschool/School Package: 25# Lesson in the S2W Foundational Basis: 12

# of Lessons in the "Full Homeschool" Package: 25

# of Lessons in the "Foundational Basics": 12


Phase 1


  • Poetry Vs. Prose

  • Create a Poetry Booklet, Journal, Slide or Doc

Phase 2


  • Intro to Background Info

  • Vocabulary

  • Rhyme & Rhythm

  • Stanzas & Patterns in Poetry

  • Couplet & Quatrain

  • Repetition

  • Alliteration

  • Figurative Language

Phase 3

Analyze and Apply

  • Read and Write Short Poems

  • Free Verse

  • Limerick

  • Haiku

  • Alliteration

  • Concrete

  • Ballad

Phase 4

Practice and Grow

  • Analyze and Apply Rhyming Patterns in Poetry

  • Practice Rhyming

  • Read & Write Couplet Poems

  • Read and Write AABB Quatrain Poems

  • Read and Write ABABC Poems

  • Create Your Own Pattern & Write Poetry

  • Read & Write ABABA Poems

  • Read and Write Free Verse

Phase 5

Advance Sophistication

  • Identifying Themes in Poems

  • Brainstorming Theme Ideas

  • Planning a Poem with a Theme

  • Write a Poem with a Theme

  • Can a friend or family member identify your theme?

Creative Options in The Poetry Unit


  • Illustrating Writing

  • Poetry Notetaking with Drawings in Notebook

Hands On

  • Lessons on how to Create Booklets with Illustrations


  • Step by Step Walkthrough of How to Use Google Slides for a Digital Poetry Journal


  • Lessons on how use watercolor painting to Illustrate a Poem


  • Opportunities and detailed lesson for how to Publish a Book (s) using Scribblit.