Where Students Read to Learn and Strive to Write

November 27, 2023-

February 2, 2024

This course is designed to tap into the negotiator within your student.

Students will learn strategies for opinion, persuasive and argument writing. They will learn how to incorporate factual evidence to support their reasoning, and implement appropriate terminology and techniques meant for persuasive and argument writing.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in live “virtual”  debates on a given topic at the end of this unit.  Dates TBD

# of Lessons in the "Full Homeschool" Package: 40-45

# of Lessons in the "Foundational Basics": 20-25


Phase 1


  • The Difference Between Opinion, Persuasive & Argumentative

Phase 2


  • Gather and Sort Articles: Opinion, Persuasive, Argument

  • Quick write on the same topic in 3 ways- advancing sophistication-Opinion - Persuasive-Argument

Phase 3

Analyze and Apply

  • Annotate Text and Pick Out Specific terminology

  • Apply terminology to short writing assignments

  • Capture YOUR Audience-Introduction!

Phase 4

Practice and Grow

  • Applying the 5 Paragraph "Reflection Plan" to O, P, & Argument Writing

  • How to Use Our Opinion, Persuasive and Writing Templates to Grow as a Writer- Model and Practice (Differentiated Options)

  • Students will plan and write at least 2 - 5 Paragraph Opinion Piece (Beginners), Persuasive Essay (Emerging Writers) and/or Argument Essay (Advanced Writers)

Phase 5

Advance Sophistication

  • "Pick a Side" Writing Prompt-Assignment

  • Form and Participate in a Debate

  • Real World Writing- You Choose-You Convince!

  • Test Taking Practice- Apply what you have learned to complete argument with test-taking writing prompts.

Creative Options in The O,P,A Unit

Real World Application

  • Students can choose a topic they are passionate about and form an essay to send to them. They will be prompted to support their case by adding a Google Slide Presentation with evidence etc.


  • Students will be walked through each step of creating a Google Slide Presentation that supports an argument they have developed through writing.


  • Students will be advised to add the work they do in this course to their portfolio to share with friends and family.

Collaborative Options in The Narrative Unit

Online Revising and Editing “Open Hours”

Online “Peer Alike” Sharing Sessions

Options for Small Group Tutoring Sessions

Online "Peer Alike" Debate

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