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FREE 8 Lesson "Mini Bundle" Included in Today's Pilot Offer!

Available to Access in S2W Portal on June 14, 2023

This unit will keep kids excited about reading and writing, even through the excitement of the summer days.

Students will be walked through the steps of writing about reading, and how to use one of our many differentiated writing templates to guide them to write about the elements of non-fiction.

Students will also learn to gather information on a topic and organize it into writing an informational 5 paragraph writing piece, followed by a lesson of putting the information into a Google Slide Presentation

Students will learn how to apply the 5 paragraph reflection format to writing about the memories they are making over the summer.

We will offer lessons for creating a digital journal of their summer, and how to incorporate other art elements into reading and writing projects.

Students will enjoy reading and writing with what we offer in this small, but impactful bundle!

# of Lessons in the "Full Homeschool" Package: 8

# of Lessons in the "Foundational Basics": 8