Online Reading and Writing for Students

Suitable for Grades 3-12!

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An Online Literacy Program that Teaches Students Applicable Skills and Strategies for Reading Comprehension and Writing Composition

Fostering Confident Leaders

of the 21st Century!

***Full Online Reading, Writing and Language Curriculum

***Genre Based, Integrated Units

***Differentiated Options for Students in grades 3-12.

***Unique Online Learning Platform

***Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Strategies for Writing Composition

***Building Personal & Academic Confidence

***Reading & Writing Connection

***Creative Activities & Projects

***Student Voice and Choice

***Online Peer Collaboration Options

***Teacher Online Feedback Available

***Growth Mindset ALWAYS Encouraged

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Full Homeschool Program for ELA

S2W Foundational Basics

Our Core Values Explain S2W BEST!!!

Critical Thinking


Academic Rigor


Timeline of 2023/24 Pilot Deliverables Below:

September 2023

Sept- Nov


Nov -Feb




March -May




Engaging Online Sessions!

Why Sign Up NOW?

S2W Planning!

Because we are a fairly new program, we need time to plan accordingly in order to make it the best experience possible. Depending on the number of students enrolled, we will have to hire teachers, who will undergo background checks, and be trained by the founders in our results based methodology of the teaching of reading and writing.

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Won't it be comforting to know that you have a plan for the 2023/24 school, and your child is going to learn and grow substantially as a reader and writer! Our unit based scope and sequence follows what is the typical outline for school systems as well. So, if you are hoping to implement some engaging "extra practice" for your child throughout the school year, or you are looking for a full online homeschool curriculum, no need to look any further, as we have both covered!

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Cancel Anytime!

Although we are confident you will love the program, if at any point during the 2023/24 Pilot year you find that S2W is not what you were looking for, you can cancel with no questions asked, making this a "Risk Free" Option.

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Not Charged Until August!

Although you will sign up today, you will not be charged until 150 days from the time you checkout (which is currently the end of August). If you choose to pay in full, this is unfortunately not an option. However, if by now and the end of August you want to cancel your membership, you will receive a full refund. If you pay in full and are not satisfied at any point throughout the school year, we will issue a prorated refund.

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Lock In YOUR BEST Price Today!

Our prices will never be better than now! We are very confident the Pilot year is going to be a success, and the demand for the program will increase each year, making our prices rise as well. Because we want to thank you for your dedication and commitment to trying S2W in our earlier days, we will lock in your price (with the coupon code discount!) for future membership.

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Contract Provided!

Upon checkout, you will be presented with a contract stating what we plan to offer throughout the year. If we do not stick to the deliverables outlined in the contract, you may request a refund. However, we do not anticipate this happening!

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2 FREE Mini Courses!

If you sign up today, S2W will provide you with access to TWO FREE Mini Courses! The mini courses include "Memoir Writing," which is perfect around the time of Mother's and Father's Day & our "Summer Reading Response and Journaling Bundle"

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"All Online Zoom Sessions" at Checkout

Most sessions will be scheduled for students to connect with peers in the following age groups:

  • Students in Grades 3-5

  • Students in Grades 6-8

  • Students in Grades 9-12

Monday Reflection Writing Sessions-

Learn More Here

We will all come together on Mondays to practice applying the 5 paragraph plan to writing in a relaxed and collaborative environment. We may eventually use this time to practice writing in other forms as the year goes on.

"Peer Alike" Open Share & Connect Session

Learn More HERE

Students will be able to join the sessions scheduled throughout the week to share the writing they will be doing in the courses. Students will also learn how to peer edit, offering feedback to fellow members in a kind and encouraging way.

"Open Hours" for Revising and Editing

Learn More HERE

We will have "Open Hours" throughout the week for students who would like to receive a certified teacher's feedback on an assignment they are working on in the portal. Students will be able to sign up for up to 2- 20 minute blocks each week in advance (S2W calendar will be shared via email weekly). An average of 1-2 students will be in a session with one certified teacher. Sessions are focused and move quickly. Students or families can share the specifics of what they would like help with prior to joining.

Additional Services Listed Below Also Available

Reach out to to schedule

Perfect for Siblings, Friends, Co-Ops, Pods and More-

Students can connect from any place in USA!

Average Prices:

Groups of 2: $25/student/one hour/week

Groups of 3-4: $15/student/one hour/week

Group of 5+: $12/student/75 minutes/week

If you are looking for an opportunity for your child to advance quickly at their specific level of reading and writing, the one on one sessions are the way to go!

Average Prices:

Tutoring with a S2W Program Package: $50/hour/week

Tutoring without the Program package:

$65/75 minutes/week

Reach Out to Us Directly If.....

  • There is something you are looking for that is not listed here

  • You have any questions you could not find the answer to

  • You are under financial hardship and the prices don't align with what you can currently afford, but you are interested in what we offer

  • Your school district would like to schedule a meeting and/or a demo to learn more

Unfortunately, the "Review Link" is currently in the process of being fixed. We have several more reviews to be posted. Visit our Website to see student work examples - MORE being added every day!

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