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Integrated Units Offering Students Applicable Skills and Strategies for Reading Comprehension and Writing Composition!

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Is the Program Suitable for Students with Learning Differences?

Yes! You Better Believe It! Students who struggle with Reading Comprehension, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other Learning Differences would benefit greatly from our educational platform. The techniques we guide students in acquiring throughout our program, end up becoming essential lifelong skills. The essential skills and strategies that students learn to apply throughout our courses have guided MANY students in achieving some of the top standardized test scores in the country! We believe the skills we provide our students with are truly pivotal for ALL Learners to have in their back pocket! You may learn more by visiting the "Values" Page on this website.

How is Strive2Write Different than Other Programs?

Our Program is different than others for many reasons! The first is probably that we are focused on providing students with meaningful learning experiences that engage students in both reading and writing at their level, rather than just clicking buttons. Because we offer a genre based, integrated approach to the teaching of literacy, and guide students in making a strong reading and writing connection, we have the flexibility to provide students with more creative and meaningful learning experiences.

We believe that every learner is different, so we provide students with several choices in the completion of assignments and projects. We make the learning experience fun and foster the individuality and creative minds of each of our students. We instill the foundation of having a "Growth Mindset" and the idea that we are all capable of doing anything we put our mind to.

The Strive2Write Creative Team has endless ideas for the future development of the S2W curriculum. The beginning of our vision for the future of education and online learning has just begun!

We hope you choose to join us as we make a breakthrough in offering the next best online learning platform for English Language Arts.

How is the Program Structured?

The program consists of 8 differentiated units that incorporate interactive video lessons and activities for reading comprehension, writing composition, grammar and punctuation. Students bring a book, reading passage, notebook and/or writing passage to every lesson. We are not a clicking buttons kind of program.

The units are genre based, so students can learn through their reading how to become better writers. For example, in the narrative unit, students will read books that interest them, learn the associated literary elements, such as identify parts of the plot, and character development etc. From there, students will apply what they are learning in the reading activities to their writing composition.

One of the other most beautiful parts of our learning platform is that your children can be reading books at their level, and on topics that interest them. Also, they can be engaging with texts related to the Social Studies and Science standards for their grade level in the Informational Units. Maybe you are going on a field trip and you want your child to learn about the history of a particular place/topic. Students can learn about a topic and gather information through the research process. After the trip, they will have the skills to write a reflection, a research paper or maybe even a poem.

The Narrative, Persuasive/Argument and Poetry units also allow students to tap into some of their personal interests. There is truly no better way for children to learn :)! You can learn more about how we incorporate the reading and writing connection by going through the curriculum "Scope and Sequence".

In addition to the video lessons, their are numerous resources and differentiated writing templates. The video lessons walk students through every step of reading comprehension, writing composition, technology integration, creative project integration and so much more. We implement several options for creative activities, such as drawing and digital projects if this suits your child's learning style. When joining Strive2Write, students are getting a truly meaningful literacy homeschool learning experience.

You may learn more about the options we offer for joining some of our collaborative group Zoom sessions. You can see the details of what this entails under "Services" and the prices for this are included on the pricing page.

What is the Time Commitment?

The homeschool program is designed so that students can work at their own pace, following the video lessons in each unit etc. Once you become a member, you will have access to a "portal" and the units will be rolled out according to the dates on the website. There will be several lessons for reading and writing for your child to engage in each week if you'd like. However, if you want to take a week off, or fall behind in what is in the portal, you can catch up when it works for you!

Although there are specific dates for when each genre of reading and writing is practiced, students can still follow the lessons on their own time. The program is designed like this so there is continuity of what all the kids in the program are working on, especially for those joining the zoom sessions. This also allows Strive2Write to host online informational sessions for parents prior to the "Roll Out" of each specific unit.

Even with the Zoom session, "Add On," there is no pressure for specific assignments to be completed by specific dates; unless of course, this is something you want to instill as part of your personal homeschool agenda with your children. At the end of the day, parents are the ultimate deciding factor on how and when the course material is implemented.

Strive2Write Reading & Writing Units:

  • Options for Membership or Pay In Full

  • Several options for creative projects

  • Artistic elements, such as drawing, watercolor painting, digital projects, poster projects and more included

  • Growth Mindset constantly encouraged

  • We Take Pride in Making the Entire Learning Experience MEANINGFUL and FUN!

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