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Learn More About Strive2Write's Core Values Below

There is no limit as to how far students can advance academically with the techniques we offer for reading and writing.

  • Read and apply information from a variety of texts.

  • Research and Gather information effectively

  • Apply Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Strategies

  • Write Effectively for a Variety of Purposes

Academic Rigor

Strive2Write challenges each learner at their individual level. Writing can be hard and students embrace the challenge with the help of the S2W  lessons and teachers.

The techniques shared throughout the program allow students to take on any academic challenge. Students are offered several techniques for learning at their independent level in a gradual release form, allowing them to advance at their level quickly.

Students are expected to apply what is learned in the lessons, such

as creating their own writing plan, given the purpose of the writing assignment,  and follow through with application of high quality writing. 

Critical Thinking

The Strive2Write platform supports 21st Century “Critical Thinkers,” in all areas of the definition.

The following are some of the specific areas of critical thinking opportunities that are fostered through our differentiated units:

Think Critically and Creatively:

All courses, but the Poetry, Narrative, and Memoir writing units offer the most for creativity

Communicate Clearly and Accurately:

All courses!

Reflect on Learning:

Writing about Reading- “Metacognition”

Analyze, Reason and Evaluate:

Research, Informational Reading and Writing, Persuasive/Argument Writing

Fostering Confident Leaders of the Future!

Engage in Problem Solving:

Argument and Informational Courses

Make Real World Application:

Persuasive/Argument Unit &

Project Based Learning

(coming in the 2024/25 school year!)


Short Example of Creativity Implementation Below:

Storyboarding Option in Narrative Reading and Writing Course

We Believe In Offering Options for Students to Tap into Artistic and Creative Projects!

Creativity is fostered and encouraged throughout the Strive2Write platform. Students are provided with “Voice and Choice” in how to complete many of the Strive2Write assignments.

While students interact with their individual reading books and notebooks, drawings are implemented as a “Bonus” in several lessons.

There are several opportunities for Google Slide Projects, where the technical pieces of developing such a project is taught to students in depth.

There are Hands on Poster Projects, and so many ways to let students step away from the computer and engage in real life learning experiences. 

Finally, students will have the option of developing their own online digital portfolio, publishing paper back and hard cover books and presenting their work to peers if they sign up for the online collaborative sessions.


Students need to be strong writers in order to communicate effectively in the real world. Writing is the foundation of the program.

The program also offers opportunities for student collaboration, where they share their writing, or work with partners.

This is not a typical online platform where students are only on the computer. Communication with teachers, students and parents, depending on how the program is utilized is highly encouraged. 

We Believe Oral and Written Communication Skills are Essential Academic and Personal Attributes Students Crave and Aspire to Master!

Why Strive2Write?

  • Online Integrated Units for Reading, Writing, and Grammar

  • Applicable Skills and Strategies for Reading Comprehension and Writing Comprehension

  • Several Engaging Video Lessons in Each Unit

  • Students Read and Engage with Their Own Books and at Their Own Reading Level

  • Unlimited Resources that go with the Video Lessons

  • Differentiated Lesson Plans for Parents and/or Teachers to Follow

  • Creative Outlets for Students, such as Drawing and Digital and/or Hands On (posters etc.) Projects

  • Online Collaboration and Group Tutoring Sessions

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