An online literacy curriculum, teaching students transferable skills and strategies for reading comprehension and writing composition, fostering confident leaders of the 21st century!

  • Applicable Strategies for Reading Comprehension

  • Techniques for Organizing and Composing ALL Types of Writing

  • Grammar Lessons

  • Drawing

  • Note Taking

  • Learning

  • Fun!

  • Strive2Write will be offering a FULL Online Homeschool Curriculum for the 2023/24 School Year!

  • S2W will have lessons that can be followed for students in grades 3-12

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  • S2W Offers "Open Hours" for "Collaboration/Group Tutoring Sessions"

Students Enjoy Reading and Writing With Strive2Write

Strive2Write is known for guiding students in becoming confident readers and writers. The founder, Kara Malo, M. Ed, taught in one of the top school districts in the country, guiding her students to perform well above the national average, even throughout the pandemic. She was also a part of a successful urban school, "Turn Around" project to assist in improving the education for students in a failing school district.

Strive2Write knows first hand what it is like to struggle with reading comprehension and writing composition, which is why teaching these two subjects are at the foundation of its methodology. The Strive2Write teachers have a passion for sharing the strategies that they know will benefit students for a lifetime.

Strive2Write's online curriculum was developed in order to help students make a reading and writing connection, which research has proven to be one of the more effective approaches for literacy education.

Strive2Write does not believe in handing out graphic organizers to students. Rather, we teach students how to create their own writing plans, depending on the type of writing that they are composing. Students who participate in Strive2Write's program feel confident to write in MANY different forms, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Narrative Stories

  • 5 Paragraph Reflection

  • Informational Writing

  • Opinion/Persuasive and Argument Essays

  • Research Papers

  • Emails

  • Poetry & Memoirs

  • College Essays

  • Answering Text Based Open Responses

Students Learn to Write with CONFIDENCE in VARIOUS Forms!

"Meet the Founder"

Kara Malo, M. Ed

Kara's strength as a classroom teacher was her ability to guide students in growing substantially as readers and writers when in her class. Kara believes in teaching writing by helping students make a strong reading connection. Having seen first hand the positive impact this integrated approach to teaching Language Arts has on student progress, Kara designed the S2W courses to foster this methodology. The S2W courses are designed to teach reading and writing, simultaneously, within the different literary and informational text structures.

Kara took a lot of pride and satisfaction in her ability to still have an impact teaching her students virtually throughout the pandemic. As a result, she advanced her skillset by receiving a certification in Instructional Design. This has since allowed her to create engaging videos of her best and most successful lessons to share with students in a much larger capacity.

Kara taught herself comprehension strategies and writing composition techniques to survive throughout her own education. Recognizing that these are skills most students need to acquire in order to fully apply themselves, she has become passionate about sharing such strategies with as many students as possible.

Kara builds confidence for her students throughout her online lessons by creating a space that promotes a Growth Mindset. With a Growth Mindset and the proper skills and strategies, Strive2Write students feel confident to tackle all academic situations. As a result, Strive2Write students Read to Learn and Strive to Write!

Kara lives in New Hampshire and is a proud mom of two awesome kids- daughter Reiss (12 ) and son Owen (9). For fun, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. Tapping into her creative side is what sets her soul on fire. So, course creation, reading, writing, crafting, decorating and painting are some of her favorite things to do alone. Kara enjoys being involved with her kids' sports and coaching lacrosse and basketball with her husband, Ryan. The Malo home is full of singing and music in the evening, while their kids practice the guitar. On the weekends, the family visits the mountains during all seasons where they ski, hike, bike and kayak. They also love the beach, which is their adorable Berniedoodle, Sunny's, favorite place.